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Welcome to Sirens Photography

I am a free lance photographer that has specialized in the field of performance art, and mermaid fantasy photo shoots.

I am located in Reno, Nevada, and I am originally from Victoria, BC, Canada, the Mermaid Capital of Canada.Growing up in a creative family sparked my interest in photography. I hold two degrees, and have worked in the advertising Dept of a major Dept. Store. My professional resume and profile can be found on LinkedIn

Mermaids,also known as "Sirens,"are symbolic in nature of transformation  of both body and soul.

Due to the increasing popularity of mermaids in culture, my portraiture has taken on a similar transformation.My vision is  simply to capture beautifully rendered compositions that inspire the mind, yet invoke that tangible mystique that Sirens habituate in folklore.

Thanks for viewing my site,

Cate Vail